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Help Animals Fleeing the Ukraine Invasion

Humane Society InternationaI is providing support to groups helping the Ukrainian people and the animals in their care who have been devastated by Russia’s military invasion.

Cat in Ukraine war zone

In Germany, HSI is working with animal welfare group Berliner Tiertafel at a dedicated aid station in Berlin, to provide care packages and veterinary treatment for the refugees arriving with animals. Some of the pets have severe medical issues like epilepsy for which they were provided medication.

HSI’s Germany director Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason who has been in Berlin distributing pet supplies to refugees, says: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is of course a devastating humanitarian crisis, but the beloved dogs, cats and other animals of those fleeing Ukraine are very much part of that refugee story. Leaving pets behind to starve or be injured in the conflict is understandably for many an impossible decision, and we have heard from refugees we’re helping in Berlin that the loyal companionship of their pets has kept them and their families going on the arduous journey to safety. For children especially, their pets are an enormous source of comfort to help them cope with the trauma of war. These refugees are frightened and exhausted, so being able to help them care for their pets means they have one less thing to worry about at a time when they need help the most.”

One of the refugees being helped by HSI and Berliner Tiertafel in Germany is Marianna, who fled Kyiv with her two children aged six and 12 years, her mother and their two dogs Erik and Liza the husky. Liza has epilepsy and had a seizure during the traumatic escape, but has now received veterinary attention thanks to HSI.

Another refugee, Karyna, also came to HSI and Berliner Tiertafel for help in Berlin. Her cat, Bonifacio, was in her foster care from a local shelter in Kyiv when the war began and she didn’t want to leave him behind. Karyna says there are around 60 other cats still left at the shelter. Bonifacio has several pre-existing injuries including a hip trauma and brain injury. Karyna is relieved her cat is now receiving the veterinary care he needs.

You can rush a gift to the HSI emergency response for Ukraine and other rescue and relief efforts here.


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