Action Alerts

Action Alerts

Whaling continues in “socialist” Iceland

It’s sickening. They just shot her with an exploding harpoon, hacked the fetus out of her, and trashed it. She was just one of 125 endangered fin whales Icelandic millionaire Kristjan Loftsson killed this year.

Fin whales are awe-inspiring — capable of communicating through song, feeling love and deep emotional suffering. Loftsson is the last man on the planet still slaughtering these gentle giants for profit – often while they’re pregnant.

But finally we can stop him.

Right now, Iceland’s new government is considering ending whaling, but they could face a mountain of backlash from the tycoon and his whaling lobby.

It’s up to us to show them the whole world supports a ban! Sign the petition, before the government decides:

Tell Iceland: Stop the whale butcher!