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Tea Party for Animals is the blog of Environmentalists Against Ranching, Trapping and Hunting (EARTH for Animals), based in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. To counter the human Tea Party, which paved the way for the Trump-Pence-Bannon Administration, we aim to remove compromising Democrats who collaborate with trophy hunters and livestock interests.

  • Larry Scrima

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  • Madravenspeak

    Call your senators on Resolution #18 that will open up 76 million acres of former ( sort of ) wildlife refuge in Alaska where wildlife should be free to live, to killing wolf pups and their parents in their dens, continuing to use poison 1080 which is a painful death that goes right through every predator that consumes part of the carcass of a poisoned animal, killing black bear mothers and their cubs in dens and out, and siting grizzly bears from airplanes to drop down and kill the last of those to heads on walls in some Neanderthal ego’s torture cave.
    This is called the Baby-killer bill and it easily passed the cruelty specialists in the House of Representatives and is on the doorstep of the Senate with so-called Progressive Tammy Turncoat Baldwin (D) of Wisconsin joining Republican TOOL of the Koch Brothers Governor Scott Walker and rich sick Republican fellow tool Ron Johnson of Wisconsin in petitioning to kill Great Lakes and Wyoming few wolves left after their three years of slaughter – and to deny the courts to protect them. CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS DAILY until Trump and his fascists are sent to prison for lying, corruption and destroying democracy and our climate, endangered wildlife, and the very structure of our culture and caring for each other. (We have NEVER had democracy in wildlife management or governing our publicly purchased lands, waterways and parks – because the USFWS and state agencies are and always have been funded on killing licenses and ammunition and gun taxes. ) ORGANIZE to change the funding, replacing killing license funding with general public funding and a first time say for the 95% of us who do not kill wildlife. And do pay for our public lands.

  • marismet

    Good! — It’s time to protect our animals, our wildlife, our planet.